How Can We Help You?

“I’m sorry, you have C——”, or “We’ve done all we can…”  These are words no one wants to hear.  Still, they are not unusual, are they?  In fact, our lives seem so threatened by catastrophic illness these days that we almost expect to hear these words for ourselves or someone we love at some point in time.

And what happens after such a diagnosis?

Besides the assault on the body, the illness impacts you mentally and emotionally.  You may feel overwhelmed thinking about treatment options or how this is going to change your life.  You wonder.  You worry.  It can seem like too much to handle.  The diagnosis affects your family and your friends.  The psychological stress and negative energy can put you at a major disadvantage before you even begin the real battle.

The CellularHealth Foundation recognizes that two key elements in health and wellness are the immune system and the attitude (the mind-body connection).  The way your body fights disease depends on how strong your immune system is.  The body can heal itself when properly empowered.

Sometimes, just a few simple lifestyle adjustments can mean getting well and staying well rather than having the quality of your life diminished by disease and death.  Our Foundation offers health awareness and outreach programs that educate, inform, and equip local communities with information and resources that empower people to exercise their “right to good health.”

With so much information available on the so-called “information superhighway”, finding out what you personally need to know to be healthy can seem complex and confusing.  The CellularHealth Foundation wants to make it easier for you to live your fullest life.  Since 2001, the Foundation has helped thousands to enjoy better health by direct assistance, raising awareness, educating local communities, as well as introducing preventive, supplementary, less invasive therapies when conventional approaches have reached their limits.

Ours is an integrative approach that takes into account the whole person and not just the disease.  We collaborate with respected physicians and medical experts to focus on health and healing because good medicine is based on good science.

Part of our mission is to empower you to make decisions that are right for your own personal situation, with optimum benefit and minimal risk.

We direct attention to natural supplements and nutraceuticals that will build a community with healthy, strong immune systems; a community with less chronic and degenerative illness; a community equipped to fight off the pathogens and toxins that lead to life-threatening illness.  Our team is committed to the fight for your right to good health.

As a member, you can join the global movement making great forward strides in prevention and wellness as well as experience tremendous personal health improvements.

Because we are a Private Not-For-Profit Association, we can offer many benefits and resources to our members.